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Water quality testing in action: Making your testing program work in the real world
If you know a little (or even a lot!) about water quality testing, but aren’t sure how to establish a plan of what, where, when, and why to test – then this webinar is for you. Led by Anna Murray, PhD, Senior Research Manager at the Aquaya Institute, you’ll review practical examples of the main decision points for water quality testing, including:
- why you might test water quality
- what parameters to test
- how to choose a test kit
- when and how often to test
- how to interpret the results

The session will have interactive elements, so bring your questions and experiences to share.

Key objectives & learning outcomes:

Participants will:
- Identify reasons to test drinking water quality in household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) programs
- Identify various water quality parameters (microbial and physical-chemical)
- Distinguish between assorted field microbial test methods, their pros and cons, and learn how to select an appropriate test kit for their needs
- Recognize the importance of where to test, including selection of households, and which water to collect
- Implement quality control measures in water quality testing
- Apply their knowledge to real-world examples


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